Spacer, Gearbox (T-6 Aluminum)

Remote Control-> (424)
  RPM (140)
  Vintage Traxxas (284)
Trains-> (6480)
1 x Shock Body, GTR (Molded Composite) (2)
1 x Snap Rings (2) (2-Speed Gear)
1 x Screw Pin Set
1 x Shock Tower, Fiberglass (Tall, Front) Body Mount (Front)/ Front Chassis Brace, 8x26 Aluminum Posts (2) For Long Front Shocks (Hawk)
1 x Shafts, Idler Gear (Lightweight Aluminum Hard Anodized/Teflon Coated)
1 x Speed Control Dust Cover
1 x Spray Bar, Low Speed
1 x Servo Mounts, Throttle w/Screws
1 x Screws, 3x28mm Cap-Head Machine (Hex Drive/3x6mm ELW (6)
1 x Screws, Backplate Attachment (2.5x6mm) (6)
1 x Rubber Diaphrams (4) (TRX-10 Bullet)
1 x Screws, 4x15mm RH Machine (6)
1 x Screw Pin Set (3x31mm (2)/3X40mm (4)/3x26mm (2))
1 x Speed Control Mount Plate
1 x Screws, Header 2.5x19mm (.12 Image) (4)
1 x Screw, Throttle Stop/Screw, Idle Speed Adjust (w/Nut & Spring)
1 x Screws, 2.6x8mm CS Machine (6) (EZ Start Motor)
1 x Rubber Body Cushion/Front Body Post Extensions (2)/Screws (for LS Body)
1 x Screw Bag (TRX-10 Bullet)
1 x Screw, Pin/Hinge Pin Set
1 x Screw Set 3mm x 17.5 w/Pin 4 pcs, 4mm x 12.5 Screw Pin 7 pcs, 3mm x 12 Screw w/Pin
1 x Shock Tower, Fiberglass (R)
1 x Side Bumper L & R (Cat)
1 x Servo Mounts, Throttle/Brake (2)
1 x Shock Tower, Rear, Fiberglass, Standard
1 x Speed Control Tie Rod (Cat)
1 x Servo Horn, Throttle-Brake TRA-Futaba Compatible)
1 x Servo Horn, Steering Linkage, Steering (3x30 Threaded Rod/Rod Ends (2)/Hollow Balls (2)
1 x Spring Retainer, "G" (.12 Image)
1 x Spacer, Gearbox (T-6 Aluminum)
1 x Screw Set, Transmission
1 x Shock Cylinder, Big Bore (1) (M)
1 x Screws, 3x12mm Button Head Machine (6) (Starter Attachment Screws w/Threadlock
1 x Spacer Washer
1 x Servo Connector Set (TRX-10 Bullet)
1 x Screws, 3x20mm WHM (6)
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