Vintage Traxxas

Steering Drag Link (Fiberglass) w/Hardware Steering Drag Link (Fiberglass) w/Hardware $5.00 TRA1933 Buy Now
Turnbuckles, 46mm (2) Turnbuckles, 46mm (2) $2.00 TRA1936 Buy Now
Aluminum Pivot Bushings (2) Aluminum Pivot Bushings (2) $2.00 TRA1944 Buy Now
Suspension Arms (Long, Rear) (2) Suspension Arms (Long, Rear) (2) $6.00 TRA1950 Buy Now
Suspension Arms, Pro-Arms (Long L&R) Suspension Arms, Pro-Arms (Long L&R) $8.00 TRA1955 Buy Now
Piston Head Set (2 sets of 3 types)/Shock Collars (2)/Spring Retainers Piston Head Set (2 sets of 3 types)/Shock Collars (2)/Spring Retainers $2.50 TRA1965 Buy Now
Dust Cover and Access Plug w/Screws Dust Cover and Access Plug w/Screws $5.00 TRA1987 Buy Now
Drive Gear (Top Gear) 22T Drive Gear (Top Gear) 22T $3.00 TRA1995 Buy Now
Suspension Arm Mounts L&R Suspension Arm Mounts L&R $2.00 TRA1997 Buy Now
Chrystal Holders, Transmitter & Receiver Chrystal Holders, Transmitter & Receiver $2.00 TRA2030 Buy Now
Steering Shaft, Transmitter Steering Shaft, Transmitter $2.00 TRA2201 Buy Now
Piston Head Set, Black Shock Piston Head Set, Black Shock $2.00 TRA2365 Buy Now
Gear Box Mount, Black Aluminum Gear Box Mount, Black Aluminum $4.00 TRA2387 Buy Now
Planetary Gear Differential (Complete) Planetary Gear Differential (Complete) $12.00 TRA2388 Buy Now
Motor Plate, Black Aluminum Motor Plate, Black Aluminum $5.00 TRA2390 Buy Now
Wheel Nuts, 4 mm Nylon Wheel Nuts, 4 mm Nylon $2.00 TRA2447 Buy Now
Bell Crank/Radius Arm Bell Crank/Radius Arm $5.00 TRA2543 Buy Now
Pivot Posts, Aluminum (2) Pivot Posts, Aluminum (2) $4.00 TRA2544 Buy Now
Screws, 4x15mm RH Machine (6) Screws, 4x15mm RH Machine (6) $1.50 TRA2573 Buy Now
Suspension Pins, 23mm Chrome (2) Suspension Pins, 23mm Chrome (2) $2.50 TRA2635 Buy Now

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Remote Control-> (424)
  RPM (140)
  Vintage Traxxas (284)
Trains-> (6516)
1 x Front Bumper (Fiero 1402)
1 x Belleville Spring Washers
1 x Differential Shaft/Adjusting Nut
1 x Differential Balls (1/8") (10)
1 x Differential Gear/Teflon Diff Bushing
1 x Gasket, Head Water
1 x Ball Joint Stay, Bevel Gear Stay, Medal Stop (Cat)
1 x Gasket, Back Plate
1 x Brake Cam
2 x Body Mounts F&R (Cat)
1 x Crankshaft, Standard (.12 Image)
1 x Tie Rods w/Ball Connectors & Adj Connectors (Cat)
1 x Gear Box Halves L&R (TRX-3)
1 x Resistor Stay Plate (Cat)
1 x Differential 60 Tooth Gear & Teflon Bushing
1 x Gear Set, Differential (Output Gears (2), Spider Gears (2), Spider Gear Shaft)
1 x Clutch Guard, Composite
1 x Gear Cover/Rubber Gear Cover Plug/Screws
1 x Bellcranks L&R/Bellcrank Post Spacers
1 x Bell Crank/Radius Arm
1 x Gasket, Back Plate
1 x Crankshaft (Short) Fits Nitro Stampede, Nitro Rustler, RC10GT, GTX)
1 x Gasket, Back Plate
1 x Belt, Front Drive (4.5mm Width, 76 Groove HTD)
1 x Crankshaft (Long) Fits Nitro Hawk/ Buggy/Street
1 x Belt, Rear Drive (6mm Width, 50 Groove HTD)
1 x Crankshaft (Standard) Fits Nitro Vee & Others
1 x Belt, Middle Drive (4.5mm Width, 121-Groove HTD)
1 x Cylinder/Sleeve/Piston Matched
1 x Belt, Front Drive (4.5mm Width, 78-Groove HTD)
1 x Brake Support Bracket/Brake Hand/RH Machine Screw
1 x Brake Cam(Blue Anodized)/Cam Lever/Brake linkage (18.0mm) Throttle Wire/Grub Screw
1 x Gear Hub Assembly, 1st (One-Way Bearing) Snap Ring
1 x Brake Pads, Cap Screws
1 x Brake Disc/Hub adapter/2mm Pin
1 x Belleville Spring Washers (4)
1 x Gear Hub, 2nd/Snap Ring
1 x Drive Cups, Inner (2) Revo/Maxx (Steel Constant-Velocity Drive Shafts/Screw Pin, M4/15 (2)
1 x Diff Rings (19mm) (2)
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